Meaning of the book of 3 john 14 1-3

In the first letter, the elder encourages the christians in his community to stay together. Jesus had just told them that one of them was a traitor. Calming troubled hearts with trust and hope in jesus. This was a broad promise fulfilled by his resurrection, by the sending of the spirit, and especially by the promise of his bodily return to this earth. The bornagain teachings importance is emphasized by jesus introduction of the doctrine by proclaiming, verily, verilyor truly, truly, most assuredly, or amen, amen, depending on the translation. This explains why 3 john is so brief, and suggests its time frame.

Lifted up was a polite way of referring to crucifixion. The key personalities in this book are the apostle john, gaius, diotrephes, and demetrius. I hope to see you soon, and we will talk face to face. And the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only son from the father, full of grace and truth. Epistle prose discourse, letter john calls followers of jesus to share in gods own life and love by devoting themselves to loving one another. In the beginning in the book of john jesus was trying to reveal who he was. The third epistle of john, often referred to as third john and written 3 john or iii john, is the antepenultimate book of the new testament and the christian bible as a whole, and attributed to john the evangelist, traditionally thought to be the author of the gospel of john and the other two epistles of john. Then, in john 14, the lord begins to comfort and encourage the hearts of his disciples. The most important thing to know about this word is found in verse 14. John 14 indepth versebyverse bible study and commentary of john chapter 14 in plain english. In this case of john by robert yarborough in the series, its no different. John 14 is the fourteenth chapter of the gospel of john in the new testament of the christian.

As this passage patently declares, the word is jesus christ. Combined with this is the wonderful personality behind it. The farewell discourse in chapter, jesus gathered the disciples together in the upper room for the passover meal. Stay connected amidst social distancing receive weekly scripture encouragement to share with family and friends. Watch our overview video on the letters of john, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. I write these things to you who believe in the name of the son of god so that you may know that you have eternal life 1 john 5. Verse 3 builds on this departure and preparation, when jesus continues.

He reassures them that their faith in him was not misplaced. As it is, john asserts that in the preincarnate state the logos was god, though the father was greater than the son john 14. Please send them on their way in a manner that honors god. This book is the shortest book in the new testament and was written to praise gaius and demetrius for. Benjamin breckenridge warfield, the person and work of christ, philadelphia. God the son prays to god the father that he might send god the holy spirit to us. The reason why a the world does not know us is that b it did not know him. It is my fathers house in heavenan expression accomodated to our weakness. Nicodemus was the ancient equivalent of a politician, priest, and professor all rolled into one. This book is the shortest book in the new testament and was written to praise gaius and demetrius for their faithful service. Then god will create a new heaven and a new earth revelation 21. In that culture, this method of execution was so vile that it was often mentioned using substitute phrases.

The book of 3 john does not directly name its author. John 3 commentary spurgeons verse expositions of the bible. Those verses are sometimes referred to as proof texts, because their proponents claim that those verses prove the existence of the trinity. In his first epistle, the apostle john deals with the assurance of our salvation. The books also address deceivers who spread false teachings and fear rather than love. This verse provides the transition between the promises of answered prayer which jesus makes to his disciples in verses 14 and the promise of the holy spirit which is introduced in. Romans 3 teaches us that law tells us our duty, that is, what we are obliged to do. The presbyterian and reformed publishing company, 1950, p. I am going now to prepare a place for you, 3 and after i have gone and prepared you a place, i shall return to take you to myself.

Those who hold to a pretribulational rapture tend to agree that john 14. The writer of the epistle to the hebrews gives that truth in a very striking fashion. The new world translation of the holy scriptures is published by jehovahs witnesses. Yet theyre all loosely tied together by the same ideas. Specifically, i am pleased with the overall structure of the commentary, the background, as well as yarboroughs interpretation of the specific sections of the book im using.

The disciples were aware of jesus conflict with jewish authorities and the danger that it presented. What does it mean that believers do not continue to sin 1 john 3. These verses reveal the word, who became jesus christ, as the agent of creation, performing the work necessary to carry it out. The apostle, through the direction of the holy spirit, expresses this making use of an expression that was well known in the ancient world but unknown in scripture in exactly the same way prior to this.

The last two verses of chapter two highlight the fact that jesus knew men better than they knew themselves. They emphasize that god is light and love and every true believer will demonstrate gods light and love. Did we but fully grasp the meaning of what we say, the troubles of our hearts. What does it mean that believers do not continue to sin 1. If such is the case, then the meaning of this passage is that revelation is revealing events that will take place swiftly in their appointed time, rather than soon in the chronological sense of the term. Here we have three different letters, written at different times, to different people. Ellicott explains that the words are not identical in meaning.

I am using it to preach a retreat in a few weeks and i am very pleased. Strongs concordance begins its definition as something said. David guzik commentary on 3 john 1, in which john explains to gaius how he can. He did that by going to the cross and giving himself as a sacrifice for our sins. There was a man of the pharisees, named nicodemus, a ruler of the jews. It is slightly shorter than 2 john 219 greek words compared to 245 for 2 john, and is the shortest book of the greek new testament. The book of 3 rd john is a general epistle apostolic letter. Since he wants his readers to know they have eternal life. There have been occasional doubts raised by those who thought it possible that this was written by another disciple of the lord named john, but all the evidence points to the author being john. Amazing facts with doug batchelor has some great online bible studies, including prophecy that can answer many questions.

Jesus then travels back to galilee, resuming the journey commenced in verse 3, where the people welcome or receive him greek. If god were articular and logos nonarticular, the affirmation would be that god was logos, but not that the logos was god. John knows what hes about to write in these 21 chapters. We know that we have passed from death to life from a death in sin, a moral or spiritual death.

Written by john the elder to house church believers, 1 john, 2 john, 3 john echo the gospel of john. Each book also addresses deceivers, teachers who no longer acknowledge that jesus is. It is written by the discipleapostle john around 8595 a. The tradition from the earliest days of the church has been that the apostle john is the author. It is the third in a series of 3 epistles that bear the apostle johns name. It is my fathers house in heavenan expression accomodated to. The greek word for believe here is pisteuo which means to have faith in. Jesus again promises to come again previously in john 14.

Those verses are sometimes referred to as proof texts, because their proponents. We find that the keeping these commandshis lawteaches us gods greatest attribute. John not only announced the approach of the messiah and of gods kingdom to the jews who came out to him but also encouraged them to repent of their sins. In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god. If it began with the first man who was born into the world, even with cain, do not marvel if it should spend some of its fury upon you. Once more he presses on them the old lesson, the lesson with which they first beganbelieve.

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