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Reaching the mountain peak, the two of you team up on the cow and capture her. Winter 29 hes a person who doesnt have confident at all. If you tell him where popuri will stay all year long, but if you dont she will leave with kai and only come back during summers. What i believe was the sixth installment in the series, back to nature set forth some new and very interesting changes from the series traditional formula. Cliff birthday summer 6 cliff most favourite food miso soup use small fish cliff favourite food sushi, spa eggs, sashimi a lot more. Right from the outset, harvest moon captures the feel of halloween. So essentially you have 3 entire years to get your farm up to a good enough state to stay. Mary spends most of her time in the library, except for mondays when its closed.

The game can be summed as a wonderful life meets friends of mineral town the game takes place a century after a wonderful life, where we cut in a feud between the harvest goddess and the witch princess. Afterwards neil thanks you for your help in the matter. Have at least 30000g and a girl at an orange or redheart relationship effects. These events can happen randomly and on different days, seasons, etc. Hey guys, ive been looking everywhere for grays heart events in harvest moon. If its anything like the harvest moon on gameboy then here are the heart events. Back to nature, terdapat banyak event atau kejadian yang melibatkan penduduk desa denganmu. Back to nature on the playstation, rival event guide by xero727. Game ends in girl version after marriage so you would have to. Game ends in girl version after marriage so you would have to trigger these events before marriage if you would like to see everyone get married. You dont have to marry but if you do youll get 1% added to your farm. Back to nature what are the girls heart events and when. Harvest moon girl bachelor heart events and rival heart events.

Of course, you may not want to wait a long time for the rest of the eligible bachelors. New general guide for psp harvest moon boy and girl. January 11, 2015 january 11, 2015 hmbtnforgirl some dialog points might be different from the game because i am working off notes. Julia sunshine islands harvest moon wiki neoseeker. Hmfreak table of contents story the girls the items animals characters legendary fish the harvest goddess harvest sprites the blacksmith the bachelors false secerts extensions recipies babies crops shipping bin shops places prizes. The link is the playlist where he has videos of all of the girl events between your character and them as well as all the rival events so if you want to watch how the events are supposed to go you can. In harvest moon back to nature i want to get married to. She goes from being very snooty and rude to being a nice person.

This is how mary reacts to all different kind of gifts, the more she likes the gift the faster the heart rises. This doesnt happen on a specific date, but around 3 go to your farm and enter and leave your house. Back to natureprima s official strategy guide offers all the information a virtual farmer could want, including. Adding in event of passing green heart level before. Ford is glad that this misunderstanding has been cleared up. Mary spends most of her time in the library, except for.

This video show mary heart event mary favourite item. Purple heart with mary, have seen the black heart event. Trigger get the book from mary and go back to the library to return it. Bushels of recipes to woo the girl of your dreams complete stats, bios, and advice on interacting with every character event calendars for each season tons of tables for tools, items, crops, and livestock. Ford wasnt use to running after you like that and needs a bit of help getting back.

Harvest moon back to nature girl the hardwork gray. They are the only 2 in the series that give you a bang when you put effort in. This scnee will only happen once gray has a yellow heart. On spring 2, the moment you walk out of your house will be greeted by harris, the police officer. You must activate her four heart events before shell accept the blue feather. Go to the area where the blacksmiths shop is sometime between 1pm and midnight, during the fall. Back to nature girls event popuris purple heart event by denny irawan. Forgot what heart color cliff needs to be for thisis it yellow. This page contains a calendar of events for harvest moon. Calendar of events btn the harvest moon wiki fandom. Unforgiven harvest moon back to nature part 74 by bigredengineer. Heart levels, gift giving, events, marriage, rivals or your child.

The heart events can trigger after you reached the black, purple, blue, and orange heart colors. Once you buy the first house upgrade in harvest moon. You dont have to marry but if you do youll get 1% added to your farm percentage for each heart level your wife has. Him some bronze ore, and hell be head over heels for you. You can still trigger the events by lowering the girls heart level back down to. Back to nature is an online ps1 game that you can play at emulator online.

To get it you go to the libary and order the book from mary by talking to her in the. He also like eggs, chocolate, curry bread, and loves. Back to nature you can use your new kitchen to cook up various recipes. Hope that helps, i do not know the heart events of cleff however because i married that beach guy, hope that helped.

Walk throughs for this game usually do not help me. Harvest moon ds was the first harvest moon now story of seasons game to be released on the nintendo ds in 2006. In harvest moon back to nature psp boy version,when 1 answer. Remember to come back to check for more great content for harvest moon. Back to nature on the playstation, gamefaqs has 28 faqs game guides and walkthroughs. Harvest moon back to nature girl s side after we experienced the event, the next day, he will show up like this.

In harvest moon, a new beginning, if you are playing as the girl main character, you may want to get married. Claims to eat a lot and usually eats the most during the harvest festival. Ranch story, and formerly known as harvest moon, is an agricultural simulation roleplaying video game series created by yasuhiro wada and developed by victor interactive software acquired by marvelous entertainment in 2003, now marvelous inc. After 10 long years, youve returned to the village where your grandfather once had a farm. For every 8 different recipes you cook youll get 1% added to your farm percentage and there are a total of 64 recipes in the game. Give him a silver ore, and hell pay you back sometime later by giving you a necklace. Mary is one of the eligible bachelorettes in harvest moon. She is a shy and quiet girl who works at the library, and is prone to assisting. It is the first harvest moon game for a nonnintendo console. She is a shy and quiet girl who works at the library, and is prone to assisting people in need. One day the witch princess had accidentally turned. Story of seasons, known in japan as bokujo monogatari. It is getting late, so the two of you start heading back. My events doesn t tally with the hearts colour most guide gave.

Back to nature on the playstation, a gamefaqs message board topic titled here is a list of events,bdays,gifts. Heart levels, gift giving, events, marriage, rivals or your child in harvest moon. Harvest moon back to nature for girl events and differences in the girl version. As moore takes us around the small town of beldam woods and introduces us to a number of the locals, you can practically feel the crispness of a chill fall wind on your neck and with the days growing longer and the veil separating this world from the next growing thinner and.

I guess it doesn t matter that much as long as you give him gifts everyday. Another fall ending harvest moon back to nature part 75 by bigredengineer. Back to nature for girl heart events ushi no tane fogu. Back to nature girls event anns purple heart event. Back to nature you have the opportunity to marry one. Called ran in the japanese versions of harvest moon. It is not really the way i would have liked to have covered these games, as i feel that i am forced to do everything in some haste. This time she wont leave the village and her parents actually like her. Gray heart events harvest moon back to nature for girl. Each girl or guy has four heart events that you will need to trigger. One of her heart events in back to nature involved her having digestion problems from this trait dub name change.

Harvest moon friends of mineral town popuri all events but the marriage of hearts. Characters from harvest moon 64 were transferred to be the characters in this game. Back to nature blends the best elements of the rpg and sim genres, and promises to be the quirkiest and most addictive of the crop. Mary will be there i think you have to have at least a blue heart and will give you a book. If you dont know which harvest moon to start with or try out, make it back to nature or hm64. Working the harvest sprites harvest moon back to nature part 73 by bigredengineer. This free playstation 1 game is the united states of america region version for the usa. Gray will often go to the library to read books, and will be your rival for mary if you.

The heart level will be shown each time you talk to the person, and it will go from black, to purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and finally, red. Back to nature she is a shy and quiet girl who works at the library, and is prone to assisting people in need. Back to nature alternate bachelorette birthdays are listed for cases where the players birthday is the same as the npcs. Heart events for harvest moon back to nature boy version dec 26, 11. Stopping, he turns back at you and tells you to hurry up as his cheeks flush up. She gives you a book called the carpenter and the king press triangle. What is the right answer for anns heart eventsand what does he particular girl or boy say. She loves books, saying that they are calm and soothing, somehow. Go into the mine behind the waterfall, and you may eventually see gray in there. The events also arent restricted to happening only at that color. Heart levels correspond to friendship in the girl version but similar to the boy version the events remain the same. Karen has had a big improvement over harvest moon 64. Marys heart events 1st heart event, aka black heart event.

Rival events are still being added there are various events that can happen in back to nature depending on your friendships and relationships. Back to nature for girl can anyone tell me the date, time, and weather for the heart events. Harvest moon back to nature for girl events and differences in the. Harvest moon boy and girl faq walkthrough girl version only by. If you like the quiet, shy types, then mary is your girl. On the newer harvest moons, you almost cant tell when produce is ready to be picked. Other ones that arent required will be in the events section. To get him to the red heart level im sure hes like everyone else, once you find what he likes, keep giving hm that thing everyday until his heart points go up, this takes a while, but its the only way. You can increase this daily by giving them gifts and talking to them, but just having a red heart isnt enough. Back to nature is a single title from the many simulation games and harvest moon games offered for this console. In harvest moon back to nature how to get married answers.

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